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<---Begin Kathy`s Poem--->
The following poem is used with the kind and generous permission of the author,Kathryn L.M.Reynolds.You can read more of her poetry and the story that inspiredCry of a Lonely Heart by going to Kathy`s Creative Korners
 By Kathryn L.M. Reynolds

I sat on a hillside,
with my head bent down,
my fears overcame me,
and the tears poured out...

People passed by me,
but they didn't care,
for they saw me crying,
and just left me there...

If only ONE person,
had stopped to listen,
maybe things would be different,
and I'd still be here...

As it was no one heard,
when I cried out for help,
so I was alone and scared,
when my life gave out...

Signed..."BUT I CARED!"

<---End Kathy`s Poem---> <---Begin Rose`s Poem---> Please visit Roseweb2`s Family Home Page to learn how this wonderful poem came to be written

Children are wonderous creatures, who look to their parents as teachers.

We are the ones who teach them right from wrong, how to laugh, play and sing songs.

We comfort them when they are sad, and punish them when they are bad.

BUT, when a simple glass of milk is spilled, an innocent child may be killed.

WHY do these things occur? because of the parents who are insecure.

The lack of patience, knowledge, and understanding; add to our grief and make us demanding.

How WONDERFUL it is when we finally see that we must change and set our love free.

That our children must be treated with the best of care, and our lives together were meant to be shared.

God Bless our Families


I heard the prayer of my special child today.
I heard her cry out in such a painful way.
This prayer tore my heart and made me cry.
She kept asking over and over "God tell me why"?

"Why does daddy yell and hit me so very hard."
"All I was doing was getting real dirty in the yard."
"Why does he always scream God and cuss at me so?"
"God won't you please tell me cause I really need to know."

And God tell me why my mommie drinks so very much.
It's been such a long time God since I've felt her touch.
She's always angry God, she says it's cause I've been bad
God tell me please do I have to always be so lonely and sad?

I know you love me God cause you told me you did,
You know God it's sure hard being a kid.
You know God if I didn't have you to talk to each day,
I don't think I could stand it I would probably run away.

Sometimes God I just want to come home to be with you.
Because there God I will always be happy and not ever blue.
No one will hit me or call me bad and ugly names.
No one will tell me they hate me it wouldn't be the same.

Thanks God for listening to my prayers tonight.
I'll try not to make them mad and do what's right.
And thanks God for the Angel you sent to keep me safe.
I'll try to make them happy God and keep a smile on my face.

Good night God and thanks again for loving me.
And oh yes God, when you look down, a smile you'll see.
Cause I know God no matter what else comes my way,
That you love me and you'll keep me safe some way. bjw-l999

This prayer is for all those who had to hurt as I did as a child. I know you have prayed this prayer as I have. God bless each one of you. With much love, barb