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This is where I come to relax.I hope you find it relaxing,too.
Every time I find a page that interests me,I put it here.It`s perfect! My own cyber library.
Feel free to join me.You don`t need a library card,and there`s not a "shhhh"sign in sight.
As you`ll see,my interests are varied.
My greatest interest is history,especially ancient history.Followed by a good mystery.I also enjoy reading about witchcraft and paganism.That is just a small sampling of what you can expect to find here;so,please come back to see what I`v added.

The Ethereal Net

A wonderful site.You`ll find links to the paranormal,witch hunts and more

Tangible Madness

This page deals with serial killers.Although the subject matter can be disturbing,this page is very well done.

General History Links

Temple of Hatshepsut

Read the story of the first female Egyptian Pharoah.There are also many good links on this page.

Archaeology Homepage

I think the title pretty well speaks for itself.

Castles on the Web

Ancient Mysteries